Friday WIPs …. Socks

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving shared with your family and friends.  We enjoyed our day with my Dad, who came over for dinner.  Quiet and not very fussy, just the way I like it.  After my Dad left, hubby and I settled into our chairs to catch up with friends online.

While catching up, I decided to catch up on a few favorite blogs as well.  One post that visually inspired me was from Julie over at Little Cotton Rabbits. Her post was sharing her love of sock knitting, being a creature of habit ( repeating favorite sock patterns) and how knitting has been meditative, helping her through “rough patches”.  
In many ways I can relate to Julie’s  post.  I too am a creature of habit, not only with patterns but yarns too.  I have been known to knit several pairs of Weasley Homesteads, Socks on A PlaneBy The Seine River and Duckies. I gravitate towards Opal and Patons sock yarn, and typically use two 16” circular needles. On occasion I use DPNs too!  
I am still working on my Jeck socks and I have casted on a new sock with a cable running down the side, kind of a cuff down version of Socks On A Plane.  I really need to branch out and make different patterns !
In other creative outlets, I have been doing a little sewing and have made two knitting bags using Harry Potter themed fabric.  I used a super easy pattern by Indigo Bird Design called Adele.  These bags were super fun to make and I am hoping that the recipient will like them.

Until next time… be creative!

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