Sunday Catch Up

Sundays are always a great day for me to take stock of projects and decide what to get finished first, what might need to be frogged and what might be considered for the future.  I have not been too busy with knitting and as mentioned in early posts I have taken a bit of a break to pursue other creative adventures.

Today though, I wanted to share what I have finished, what I’m still working on and what I am thinking about making in the future.

Off the Needles..
I recently finished my Happy Harvest Poncho  and  while I loved knitting it, as well as the design, I am not quite sure if I like how it looks on me.   I used Berroco Ultra Wool Chunky  and really enjoyed knitting with this yarn.  It really gives great stitch definition and blocks out great.

On the Needles…

Now I am working on my Nurmilintu handspun shawl, hitch I LOVE and hope to be finished with it soon!

I started this shawl several months ago and kept putting it aside.  I love how it is starting to look and the colors of my handspun is so yummy…. very southwestern too!

Also on my needles is a pair of Jeck socks in Mani Pedi by Lion Brand Yarn.  I have finished one sock and just cast on the mate.  I will be using the Afterthought Heel for this pair and hope to have them finished over the next week or so.

Thoughts of Projects To Come …

I am not sure what I will cast on next after these two projects are finished.  I do know I will have at least another sock project and maybe it’s time for something in crochet!

For socks I am thinking about these patterns:

  • Dionysus Socks by Abby Frelich
  • Fawkes by Money Toes
  • By The Seine River by Dona Knits

For crochet I am thinking about these patterns:
  • Fronds Shawl by Joanne Scarce
  • Light From Within by CJ Brady
  • Happiness Blooms From Within by CJ Brady
  • V-Stitch Vortex by Susan Sands
I also have two spinning projects going on as well and hope to find the time to fill my bobbins, ply and skein!  

Until next time, be creative !

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