It’s About Gathering and Slow Stitching

I have started my Stitch Your Stash class and can already say this class is awesome !  I love the layout and how Charlotte presents each section.   One section that really got my attention, and made me think about what I already have is Build Your Stash .  In this section Charlotte explores how to build your stash through repurposing, such as using wool garments for felting, using vintage linens and more.  Building a stash is the best part of this creative endeavor and one I can easily do.

I have been a collector of vintage linens for many years and it’s very hard for me to pass them up when hubby and I are out antiquing. This past weekend I found this beautiful hinged vintage tin (made in Holland) that I decided would be perfect for one of the projects in this class, a sewing kit.  I also found a few other pieces to add to my stash, the lovely yellow finger towel and a appliquéd  piece that I tend to repurpose.  

For a bit of slow stitching, I picked up two denim pieces, a vest and a jacket., and plan to try my hand at Sashiko as a decorative addition too these very plain Jane pieces.  I haven’t really tried this form of stitching, so I  have enrolled in the Creativebug online class taught by Lisa Solomon.  I have been rather enthralled with Sashiko, as well as many slow stitching techniques that I have been seeing online lately, and have been enjoying reading  Mending Matters by Katrina Rodabaugh, as well as Make & Mend by Jessica Marquez .  Both books are excellent, and  a wealth of inspiration. I am very excited about trying Sashiko and can’t wait to try it!

And of course for hand-sewing I simply adore The Geometry of Hand-Sewing by Natalie Chanin. This book I has been a wonderful addition to my library of hand embroidery books, and is full of great ideas, as well as a variety of stitch patterns.

Do you enjoy slow stitching?  How about stashing items that mean a lot to you ?

Until next time, be creative!

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