Stitching – A Whole New Creative Level For Me

I am so excited to start my online class with Charlotte Lyons tomorrow!  Stitch Your Stash is being offered by a favorite site,  Jeanne Oliver  ( providing unique online art classes), and is truly going to take my stitching endeavors to a whole new level.  I am so intrigued and inspired by many artists, such as Nicki Franklin of The Stichery, Caroline Zoob, Jennifer Jansen of Handcraeft and Karen Stevens.

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Techniques Taught in this Course  -How to reclaim fabric from a garment or repurpose a sentimental bit -How to felt wool in the washer and dryer -Ways to design your own decorative motifs -How to create a folk art pillow with felt appliqué-How to use different textiles and values to build a monochromatic collage -How to carve a stamp and print your own fabric-How to use simple stitch techniques to add dimension to your work-How to build a portable sewing box-Pattern making-Textile design-Slow stitching-Stamp carving and printing-Kantha stitching-Embroidery-Stitching-Applique-Creating folk art imagery-Transferring design elements to fabric-Making wool felt-Making a wool tassel-Upcycling fabrics-How to use color value to balance design-Training your creative eye-Deconstructing clothing to upcycle-Collecting fabrics to repurpose-Building a portable sewing kit-Fabric assemblage and stitching-Constructing a pillow and sachet-Constructing a fabric wallet-Printing your own fabric design-Making an embroidered buttonhole-Finding inspiration in textiles-Repurposing found textiles-Making fabric yoyo’s

I have purchased all my supplies for this class and have looked through my vintage linens for ideas, inspiration and possible use, and believe that I have everything I need to get started.  This class is truly going to be loads of fun!

I really believe this class is going to open up a whole new world of stitching creativity.  I am so excited about making my own stamps to create my own stamped fabric designs, to learn how to incorporate vintage linens into my hand embroidered pieces and hand sewn quilts, not to mention learning to become better at using my cherished vintage sewing machines to sew my creations together.

Until next time, be creative!

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