Road Trip Finds and Wovember Day 3

This week my hubby and I enjoyed our state.  We spent a few days in Greer at the Greer Lodge.   We enjoyed our time, but left early due to family.  It was truly beautiful in Greer, with gorgeous blue skies and crisp clean air.  It felt wonderful to be out of the city and to be able to soak in the peace of the mountains.

It was freezing cold with the wind chill and I was so happy I took my newly finished wool sweater. This sweater is a top down raglan that I designed on my down.  I used Patons Classic Wool in Gray Marl and I absolutely love it, and it fits like a dream!  I started my sweater in September and finished it towards the last part of October.

On Thursday we took a drive to Prescott. It was truly a beautiful day and I was able to visit two of my  favorite yarn shops, Fiber Creek and Isabelle’s  Parlour in Wickenburg.

From Fiber Creek, I can home with a gorgeous braid of panda mix fiber by Sweet Georgia, Acadia Yarn by the Fiber Co., a beautiful skein of Less Traveled Yarn, Uneek Sock Yarn  and a Schacht boat shuttle for my Schacht Flip Loom. From Isabelle’s  Parlour, I can home with a beautiful skein of Dream in Color Yarn, a Schacht Zoom Loom and three colors of beautiful  Silk Yarn by DanDoh.

For the Acadia Yarn I am planning a hat with matching mitts.  For the Dream in Color and Yarn Less Traveled, I am planning shawls.  For the Silk Yarn, I am planning to use my new Zoom Loom to make a wrap, or scarf.

Lots of plans for knitting, as well as a bit of weaving, and of course I will be spinning too!


Jupiterimages/ Images

November 3 – Not Just Yarn 

Wool is not used just for yarn but for bedding (mattress pads and even mattresss), dryer balls (naturally softens your clothes), carpets, insulating jackets for outerwear, used as a flame retardant fabric for firefighters uniforms, and even as insulation for homes. Wool is also biodegradable and breaks down slowly, fertilizing plants with a generous nitrogen content (17 percent compared with the 6 percent nitrogen in commercial turf products – Discover Magazine October 2015).   Here’s a great blog post that lists the many uses of wool as well.

We can thank wool for a different kind of explosion — one we actually want. Inside most baseballs, including those used in Major League Baseball, you’ll find layers of tightly wound wool yarn: Each ball contains about 370 yards of the wool windings, which provide resilience to withstand the crushing impact of a batter’s hit off high-velocity pitches. Discover Magazine October 2015 

Another use for wool, a wonderful pressing mat for quilters, and sewists !  I purchased this mat last week and I’m so excited about it, and can’t wait to use it.  You can purchase online at the Fat Quarter Shop, as well as online from many other sources.  I actually got mine from my local fabric store, 35th Ave Fabric World Sew & Vac.  These mats come in a variety of sizes and I may have to get the 17” size too!

The 13.5” x 13.5” Wool Pressing Mat absorbs heat, pressing both sides of fabric at the same time! The large size makes it perfect to press appliqued, embroidered and pieced blocks. – Fat Quarter Shop 

So many wonderful reasons to love wool and all the more reason to support our local farms, shepherds and shepherdesses.

Until next time m be creative!

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