The Joy Of Creating

I haven’t been knitting as much as usual as I have been reading, spinning and hand quilting. Sometimes it’s good to put knitting down and do other things, especially for me as I tend to over tax my elbows when I knit too much.   

So for now I am working on a few needlework projects and plan to make a few more garments.  I throughly enjoyed sewing for the #memademay project on Instagram and I still have a stack of linen fabric that I bought this summer that needs to be cut out for a few more Shirt No. 1 tops and maybe a dress or two as well.

I think my resurgence and desire to sew is coming from Katrina Rodabaugh’s book, Mending Matters. I bought her book earlier this year but never read it until now.  I love her thoughts on taking a fashion fast and for me this really hasn’t been a huge necessity as I can honestly say I do not buy a lot of new clothes (jeans really is the only thing I buy new) but buy from my local thirty stores. The main reasons I tend not to buy new … I really do not like today’s fashion, the fabrics used or the poor quality. 

There is a lot of things in Katrina’s book that hits home with me but the number one thing is … slow stitching.  While she focuses on mending in her book, which I absolutely love, the process is the same, her over all emphasis is slowing down to enjoy the motion and the process.  

While I may not be quite mending garments, over the next few months  I plan to sew and use various styles of needlework to compliment finished pieces.  I am excited to incorporate many hand stitching techniques from Natalie Chanin’s book “The Geometry of Hand-Sewing” .  If you enjoy hand stitching/slow stitching, this book is wonderful to have in your reference library.

My little creative space – antique oak table in front of our couch

While I have plans of sewing, this doesn’t mean I’m giving up knitting or spinning, just slowing down a bit to enjoy other creative means.  To me personally, I believe it’s important to do other things and not focus on just one thing.  Learning new ways of doing something, or just learning something brand new, will make your creativity bloom even more and you will become more rounded in your artistic life.

Until next time, be creative!

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