A New Cast On !

I am getting into football, well let me rephrase that, I’m getting into watching the University of Kentucky team.  I have never been a football kind of girl, but I am trying to learn so I can share with my hubby.  Some day I hope to see a live game in Lexington, but until we are able to move back home I will have to watch it in TV.

As we watch football this Saturday evening, I casted on The Photographer Hat by Lavanya Patricella (free download) using my very own handspun, my NBK Superwash Wool that I finished in July.  I know I will most likely need to modify this a bit due to yardage but man oh man my handspun is knitting up beautifully and it’s so soft!

This will be a lot of fun to knit as I created a perfectly striped yarn when I started spinning this fiber back in July.  I am hoping that I will have enough yarn to make this hat slouchy as written, but as mentioned earlier I may have to slightly modify it due to yardage restraints.

I have to also share that today was awesome!  I found new books and magazines at my local Barnes and Nobles, and I got books in the mail!

I am so excited about all my knitting possibilities, as well as art possibilities.  I do have to say that the  Interweave Knits Gifts issue has a wonderful collection of hat patterns.
Until next time, be creative!

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