Podcast Love: Something New, Well For Me That Is!

This week started off with me being sick, which means I didn’t do too much other than knitting and catching up with my favorite podcasts.  

I love listening to podcasts, especially when it’s fiberarts related, I am excited about three new discoveries to listen too!

First up is Local Wool, a podcast hosted by Anastasia Williams of Wool & Dye.  This podcast features small producers across the US and the challenges they face when taking care of their flocks.  I have throughly enjoyed listening to this podcast and it has rekindled my love of all things wool.  If you love wool, this podcast is definitely worth listening too.

Second is Modern Wool, a podcast hosted by Lydia Christiansen of Abundant Earth Fiber .  As I have mentioned in several posts, this US small batch fiber mill is a favorite of mine for their awesome Signature Blend Fiber.  While Lydia hasn’t produced a lot of episodes, what she has produced is worth listening too and gives a wonderful insight into her fiber mill.

And last is YarnStories, a podcast hosted my Miriam Felton. This podcast explores all aspects of the fiber arts, including fiber breeds, yarn construction, and dye processes ( which still intrigues me).  This podcast is already in its second year and I look forward to Miriam’s future episodes too!

Do you enjoy podcasts too?  What is your favorites?

Until next time,  be creative.

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