On My Needles: Sweater and Sock Knitting Time!

So one thing I am not is a monogamous knitter and I love a post made my Truly Myrtle regarding this subject.

A monogamous knitter works on just one project at a time and finishes it before they cast on the next. A polygamous knitter has numerous projects on the go, darting from this one to that, usually simultaneously gathering numerous lovely project bags in which to store all their WIP’s (works in progress). – Truly Myrtle 2015

I am definitely a polygamous knitter who prefers to have at least three to four projects going at once to keep me from getting bored.  Variety is key and truly a must for me when it comes to my knitting.  Projects are typically a sweater, shawl and socks.  Then there is spinning for intentional projects, and many other crafty items that tend to come into play as well.

For me this month has been all about casting on as I am so excited that cooler weather is finally coming to us here in the Phoenix area.

This week on my needles….

On a recent trip to Joanns, I discovered a new sock yarn my Lion Brand called Mani-Pedi, a blend of 75% Wool and 25% Polymide.  Of course I had to buy all the colors available to try it out.  I have since casted on Jeck, a free download, in the color Boot.  So far I really like the feel of this yarn and it is knitting up nicely.

I am also working on my Nurmilintu handspun shawl.  I have almost finished the first lace repeat and truly love how my shawl is looking.

This past weekend I casted on a top-down sweater using Patons Classic Wool in Light Grey Marl and I am modifying a favorite top down raglan pattern to try something a bit different.

And of course I am still working on my my Happy Harvest Poncho.  I’m excited about this project and can’t wait to finish it!!

So, what type of knitter are you?

Until next time, be creative!

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