On My Wheels …. BFL and Merino

I am hopeful that we are nearing the end of the summer heat here in Phoenix as the mornings have been much cooler and truly lovely.  As the morning temperatures drop, I have been in the mood to spin and have been working on two spinning projects,  my Funky Carolina BFL in the color Egg Hunt and  my Frabjous Merino in the  color Cactus.

I started spinning my Funky Carolina last month but honestly I haven’t made too much progress.  This weekend  I am hoping to finish this up so that I can ply next week.

I really love how the colors are becoming soft and rather muted, and this this will be quite perfect for a pair of handspun mits or maybe a cowl. I am spinning this fiber on my Schacht Sidekick, an awesome wheel for travel and small spaces.
I am spinning my Frabjous merino on my Schacht Matchless and spinning for a light worsted weight.  I plan to two ply from a center ball, that way I can use every bit of my handspun.  The colors of this fiber is amazing and I am loving the mix of light turquoise, pink, yellow and green.  This is going to be a fun handspun when finished and perfect for a hat!
Once these two spins are complete I plan to get back to my Abundant Earth Fiber Signature Blend for my intentional spinning project that I started last year, spinning for a Hap Cowl, a design by Ella Gordon.  
So far I have spun three colors, Snap ( 67 yards), Forage(76 yards)  and Citron (70 yards). I also have a braid of mixed colors that came in at 65 yards.  I still need to spin the main color color for the Cowl and one additional color for the lace design.  I also need to make sure I have at least 125 yards of each contrasting color and  375 yards of the main color.  Lots of more spinning to be accomplished!
Until next time, be creative! 

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