Time For Knitting…. Happy Harvest Knit Along

You can tell when it is getting closer to fall as the knitting community is becoming alive with wonderful knit alongs, many to encourage those to complete a sweater to show off at Rhinebeck and others to simply bring a since of community, a place to share and encourage each other during the process of knitting a particular design.  

Knit alongs promote a wonderful opportunity to meet knitters at all skill levels, from all over the world and often in our very own back yard.  Sharing is key, as well as asking questions and helping each other along the way.

I mentioned I was joining Carol Feller’s knit along, but I have also decided to join a second knit along, one hosted by Amy Palmer of Berroco Yarn and Elizabeth Smith of Elizabeth Smith Knits

A Snapshot from August 30th Berroco Blog Post…. 

Are you ready to join in the knit-along fun?    We have a few ways for you to chat with us! First, there’s our Berroco Lovers group on Ravelry. You will need a fr
ee Ravelry account to post within the group.Then there’s our Happy Harvest KAL group on Facebook! You will need a free Facebook account to post within the group.

 The Knit-along begins on September 14, 2019, and will run until about October 20, 2019. Elizabeth has a progress outline that she’ll share with us to help keep people on track to knitting success, but as with all of our knit-alongs, we encourage knitters to work at their own pace. If you’re a speed demon and you finish quickly, wonderful! If you’ve got limited knitting time, we totally get that and we don’t care if it takes you a year to finish. We believe it’s all a part of the journey.

I’m very excited about this KAL and have not only purchased my pattern from Elizabeth’s website, but have purchased my yarn from WEBS.  I decided to make my Happy Harvest poncho in the color Stonewashed and hope I can start on Saturday but depending on mail time, it might not be until next week.  Meanwhile, I have joined the Happy Harvest Knit Along on Facebook and I look forward to knitting along with this awesome group of knitters!

Until next time, be creative!

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