Sunday Musings: WIPs and Stitching

I am almost finished with my Buttercup sweater.  Yes, this means I am nearing the end and will soon have a finished sweater.  I have decided to work a k3,p3 ribbing for the bottom band, and will do the same for the arms.  This has been the longest sweater project ever!!

Here’s my progress photo….

I am worried about one thing though, the neckline, it looks way to large and I am hoping I am wrong. Fingers crossed that it will look less “open” once I finish the neckline. I really do love the yarn and I am so glad I decided to use it for this pattern.  I am going to continue knitting on and plan to work the ribbing for the bottom band until it measures 4” in length.

On another note, I am itching to start stitching and have just received these beautiful hand dyed Aida cloth for a few cross stitch projects.  I found these lovely hand dyed colors from My Vintage Needlearts.

I plan to use the first three colors for Halloween patterns I have in my stash and the last one on the far right for Christmas.  I love stitching for the holidays and haven’t done anything in since this last time last year when I finished my Nevermore project. I am still working Quilting Bee and haven’t made too much more progress but the progress I’ve made, I absolutely love!
I am also still working on my Nurmilintu handspun shawl, which sadly has been sitting on my coffee table waiting for me to finish it.  
And…. I am working on a hand drawn bag t use for future sock projects 😀. I love drawing on fabric, especially when it comes to leaves.  This little bag will be perfect for small projects.

What are you working on ?
Until next time,  be creative !

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