Sunday Musings: A New Cast On

“A half finished shawl left on the coffee table isn’t a mess; it’s an object of art.” 
― Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

I have been trying my best to finish my Buttercup sweater but honestly I haven’t been in the mood to work on it.  I will eventually finish it, but need a break to work on something new.  So, I casted on Nurmilintu by Heidi Alander , a design published in the Summer 2015 of Spin-Off magazine.  I love this pattern and it’s perfect for my finished skein of handspun that I’ve had in my stash for a while.

Just look at those colors….. scrumptious and to me very southwestern. I wanted a pattern to show off the colors of the yarn and not detract from it, so Nurmilintu is a perfect compliment.

Fiber:  Hello Yarn
Color:  Hummingbird
Yardage:  415 yards 

I am truly enjoying this project, especially the simplicity of it.  A perfect design for handspun that is a free pattern too!  I plan to use my handspun stash for more projects this year, especially for accessory pieces.  

What are you working on this week?
Until next time, be creative!

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