A New Spinning Adventure

I am so excited that I am able to spin on my Traveller!  After a few minor adjustments and tweaks, she is spinning quite well.  

For my trial spin, I am using a sampler pack I purchased from Abundant Earth Fiber.  This will be a great way for me to test my wheel, making adjustments as I go, and a fun way to create a funky finished handspun at the same time.  I really love Abundant Earth Fibers roving, and as mentioned in earlier posts, their wool is rather rustic and the finished handspun reminds of Jamison’s Wool.  It spins up so lovely and the colors are so rich, perfect for colorwork.

Courtesy of Abundant Earth Fiber 

This 50g sampler pack includes each color from our Signature Blend Roving  collection, made from wool raised near the mill. The vibrant pastoral lands of the Olympic Penninsula, Whidbey Island, and north to the San Juans are dotted with sheep where the medium-fine wool in this blend was raised. Local family farms devote their livelihood to shepherding East Fresian, Dorset, Lacaune and similardual-purpose breeds. We sincerely hope this dyed-in-the-wool blend demonstratesthe abundant and profound love for land and sheep found here in the Pacific Northwest. 

It’s been a very long time since I have spun on a single treadle wheel but I can honestly say I’m finding this little wheel to be quite enjoyable and it’s maki me slow down to enjoy my spinning even more.  I learned from my friend Lara that a single treadle fill the bobbin more compactly than a double treadle.  Once my bobbin started filling up I understood what she meant. 

I just love this bobbin shot!

I look forward to using this lovely little wheel and I am so happy that I was able to save her. 

Until next time, be creative!

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