Spinning A Little Piece of Heaven

Sometimes you just get lucky to have what I call a “beautiful spinning experience” and spin a fiber that glides from your hand to your wheel with ease.

Right now I have this happening with a gorgeous fiber I purchased from Dedri of Quillin Fiberarts, a blend of 60% Merino, 20% Silk and 20% Yak. this braid is only 2 oz, so I have gently separated it into 16 small little buns to spin.  I haven’t had to pre-draft much, which is rather nice.

At first this was a bit slippery but once I slowed down my treadling (using my Matchless), it started to simply glide through my fibers onto the bobbin.  My spinning so far is very consistent and I am spinning as thinly as I’m comfortable with and hope to achieve enough yardage to chain ply (Navajo Ply) when finished.

The goal of this spinning project is to achieve at least 200 yards of sport weight yarn.  If I can make this goal, I will have enough yardage to make a lace cowl or kerchief.  I also have thought about using it along side a skein I finished a while back, a lovely Cheviot in the color Owls, and make something that is striped.

This finished skein has enough gold shades in it that I think it will compliment my current fiber I am spinning.  If it does, maybe a small shawlette will be just the ticket for both skeins.
The fiber echos a deep rich gold,  which makes me feel like I’m actually spinning gold.
Have you ever spun a luxury blend ?
Until next time, be creative !

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