Handspun Love

I took this photo for an Instagram challenge and absolutely love it.  For me it really shows how the rustic beauty of handspun can make the simplest of designs look extraordinary.  I haven’t made as many projects as I should with my handspun but have decided I really should start. I have also thought weaving would be a wonderful way to use up the smaller  handspun skeins I seem to have accumulated, as well as the leftovers I can’t seem to part with.

Meantime I am looking through a few patterns to see if anything captures my interest to use a few of my most coveted skeins for.

Hello Yarn in Hummingbird 

Malabrigo in Zarzamora 

A few of my favorite patterns I use for handspun:

I also curated a collection in the #spin15aday Ravelry Group that can be found here.

So many ideas …. maybe one will entice me to cast on or hook.

Until next time, be creative!

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