Throwback Thursday…. Knitting Memories

I have many wonderful and fond memories of living in Kentucky.  From the warmth of the people, to the beauty of the land and to the wonderful fiber community that I had just started to learn about.  You see, Kentucky is filled with all of these wondrous things I love, and you might even  have to say this is when I knew I wanted to learn to spin yarn and learn everything there was about spinning.

Courtesy of Sweet Home Spun

My fascination of spinning came about from a trip to the Dutch Meeting House (Sweet Home Spun)  in Pleasureville, Kentucky. It was a place suggested by a co-worker of a small home town bank I was working at the time, who said that I should go there because she knew I enjoyed knitting.  I was is awe when I walked in and saw spinning wheels and fiber.  I knew at that that time, I would someday learn to spin.  Four years later, I was able to purchase a second hand wheel and begin my journey in learning all about wool and spinning.

The family farm in Pleasureville, Kentucky is home to Sam, JoAnn, and Samuel Adams along with their flock of natural colored long wool sheep. Sam and Samuel shepherd the flock year round, from lambing in springtime to shearing in the fall. JoAnn, also a middle school teacher, spends her summers and evenings carding, spinning, and knitting the lovely natural colored wool.

I think this time frame too was the time  everyone was starting to return to knitting and spinning, and when blogs were popping up to share and talk about it.   It was where I truly can say I started my journey into the fiber community as a whole and met so many people, in person, and online (such as Sherrill, a.k.a. The1764Sheperdess, who at that time blogged and then a few years later had a podcast).  Everything was new and exciting, everyone was wanting to learn and share, and it’s still that way today.

Moving forward to my memory for “throwback Thursday” …

My favorite shop to visit during our time in Louisville, was Sophie’s Fine Yarn Shoppe, which I have found out is no longer open.  This shop was filled with gorgeous yarns and always had community sponsored activities going on, especially for charities.  

One particular charity I participated in was knitting hats for Warm Woolies, a non-profit organization whose volunteers knitted warm clothing for poverty stricken children.  I was excited to participate and loved that it was “Harry Potter” themed.  I  even got a few co-workers involved!  

Thank you for letting me share today!
Until next time, be creative and stay true to your passions and dreams.

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