Home …. Where My Heart Lies

Not only do I enjoy the fiberarts but I also enjoy the needlearts, especially when it comes to designs by Kathy Schmitz.  

I was so excited to get her Home Sampler pattern and spent Wednesday morning tracing it onto my stash of tea stained muslin fabric.  For tracing I used a light box and a Pilot FriXion pen, recommended by another pattern designer,  that is suppose to wash out with warm water (hope that is the case).  Kathy used Valdani 12wt Perle Cotton in Nut Black but I am trying not to purchase any more threads, so I am using Gentle Art’s Simply Shaker Thread in the color Onyx, a rich black with a slight brown undertone.

So, I had planned to frame my finished piece as suggested in th pattern until I found out Kathy has a new line of fabric coming out this fall from Moda.  I have decided to save my finished piece until this beautiful collection comes out and then turn it into a small quilt wall hanging. This new collection has my heart singing and I can hardly wait for it to come out this fall.  Meantime I will be stitching my piece and planning how I want to finish it this fall!

Until next time… be creative!

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