On My Needles and Wheel

This weekend went to fast and I feel like I didn’t get much knitting or spinning accomplished. Saturday was a day of rest, as my hubby was exhausted from helping his folks (his dad was in the hospital for a couple of days). I too was tired and just didn’t feel like doing much in the way of crafting.  Sunday though was a different story and I worked on my sweater, which is knitting up quickly (I love knitting bulky projects), and did about 18 minutes of spinning.

I have about 6” to go on my sweater before starting the bottom ribbing and then I can work on the sleeves.  I have decided not to make the pockets and will not be doing any more stripes (the bottom of the sweater will be a solid color).  Since we are starting to warm up in Phoenix, I won’t be able to wear my finished sweater until November but that’s ok, it will be exciting to have something new to wear!

On to the spinning ….

I am truly enjoying spinning my Abundant Earth Fiber Signature Blend. Even though the fiber is soft,  I forgot how rustic it looks when spun.  I don’t have much to go and hope to start plying by Wednesday.  Just look at this color …
Love the texture and color!

The color is such a rich green with understones of blues and browns.  I can’t wait to chain ply and hopefully I will get at least 100 yards but realistically it will be around 70 yards.  I am truly trying to spin from stash for the #spin15adaystashdown, but have ordered another bump of fiber to make sure I have enough for my Hap Cowl project.  I am excited about spinning for my cowl and can’t wait to have all my yarn ready to go so that I can cast on!

On to the plying …

Navajo plying (also called chain plying) is a way to make a three-ply yarn from only a single strand. Spinners often use this method when they have spun singles from a multicolored top and want to avoid creating “barber pole” yarn as they ply. Navajo plying preserves the color changes of the original singles, giving you a striped yarn rather than a marled one. If you can crochet a chain, you already know the main step in creating a Navajo plied yarn, but I would recommend mastering a standard two-ply before trying to chain ply. ~ Knittingspin First Fall 2010, Lee Juvan

I have fallen in love with chain plying (a.k.a. Navajo Plying) and I have found several videos on how to chain ply but I recently came across this one by Classy Squid Fiber Co. that I found extremely helpful and wanted to share.  I love how she talks during spinning and provides tips/techniques while plying.

Enjoy your day and as always…. be creative!

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