Lovely Mail

Sometimes you receive the most thoughtful things in the mail from your friends.  A card, a bump of fiber or a lovely skein of yarn for no special reason,  just because and just to brighten your day.  

My friend Lara sent me this gorgeous skein of yarn from Bijou Basin to brighten my day (hubby and I had the flu for over a week and I was so down, I didn’t even knit).  She always knows what will make me feel better 😊

This skein of Himalayan Summit (50% Yak Down/50% Merino) is destined for a shawl, and I’m leaning towards a favorite, Shaelyn by Leila Raabe.

Photo courtesy of  wolletron/Leila Raabe

I was thinking about casting on after I finish my socks and sweater, but the yarn is really calling me and I just might have to cast on today.

Until next time …. be creative!

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