Mail Call …. Fun Goodies This Week!

I am so excited that I received my enamel pin from Sherrill ( The 1764 Shepherdess ), the instigator behind the #spin15aday challenge on Instagram.  Sherrill has been motivating, and even sweetly challenging, hand spinners to spin at least 15 minutes a day. As I have said many times this simple rule helps maintain consistency and control, and for me it’s a time of relaxation before work and before heading off to bed. If you are part of this fantastic group, or a spinner who likes a challenge, and would like a pin too, you can still purchase one from Sherrill’s shop by clicking here

A fiber friend, and fellow spinner on Instagram, really posted about Alanna Wilcox’s book, “A New Spin On Color” and of course I had to purchase a copy for my spinning library too! I love the layout,  photos are gorgeous, andI look forward to putting Alanna’s techniques to the test over the next few 

I also received Spider Woman’s Children: Navajo Weavers Today by Barbara Teller Ornelas and Lynda Teller Pete. What a book!!!  I am so excited about this book and look forward to reading it and exploring more of Navajo weaving.  

I have a fascination about Navajo weaving and plan to start weaving on my table top and hand looms.  I am starting with leftover handspun on the loom on the left and tapestry wool on the pipe loom on the right.  I am hoping to create simple weavings that I will be able to hang on our walls as decor.


Navajo rugs set the gold standard for handwoven textiles in the U.S. But what about the people who create these treasures? Spider Woman’s Children is the inside story, told by two women who are both deeply embedded in their own culture and considered among the very most skillful and artistic of Navajo weavers today. Barbara Teller Ornelas and Lynda Teller Pete are fifth-generation weavers who grew up at the fabled Two Grey Hills trading post. Their family and clan connections give them rare insight, as this volume takes readers into traditional hogans, remote trading posts, reservation housing neighborhoods, and urban apartments to meet weavers who follow the paths of their ancestors, who innovate with new designs and techniques, and who uphold time-honored standards of excellence. Throughout the text are beautifully depicted examples of the finest, most mindful weaving this rich tradition has to offer. ~ From the publisher

I have noticed my crafting life is starting to swift a bit and I am seem to be more excited about spinning lately.  I am still knitting, but right now it seems just be socks.  I know that knitting will always be a part of my creative life, but I need to branch out and explore more wooly goodness!  

Until next time ~ happy spinning!

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