Icelandic Wool, Something New For Me To Try !

From Left To Right – (click here to see their photos)

  • Pure Icelandic wool from Rosie Cotton, a ewe born 3/22/2017
  • Pure Icelandic from Rohan, a ewe born 4/4/2017
  • 75% Icelandic/ 25% Columbia Rambouillet from Panda Bear, a ewe born 3/15/2008
  • Pure Icelandic wool from Radagast the Brown, a ram born 3/22/2017

I am so excited to receive this lovely Icelandic wool from Blaine Fleece and Fiber .  I have never spun Icelandic wool but when I saw the Instagram posts from Jennifer of Blaine Fleece and Fiber, I knew I had to give this beautiful wool a try.

My goal is to spin singles for tapestry weaving, which I plan to weave using all four colors show above.  It’s been a very long time since I’ve spun singles, so I might have a small challenge on my hands, but I’m ready for it.  

My weaving design inspiration is the squash blossom quilt block that you see often in beautiful quilts featuring southwest colors and designs, as well as traditional Navajo rugs.

Photo courtesy of Southwest Decoratives
Quilt Pattern: Navajo Star 

Photo courtesy of  Southwest Decoratives
Quilt Pattern:  Blackhills

I am so excited to get started with this spinning project.  It’s always wonderful to spin with intention of making something that is being planned.

Until next time – Happy Spinning!

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