Sunday Spinning ~ Finished Bobbins !

“Take to Spinning to Find Peace of Mind” ~ Mahatma Gandi

I posted this photo on Instagram earlier this morning and want to share that this is my favorite quote from Mahatma Gandhi.  I feel this quote is very meaningful and I have taken it to heart.  Every time I spin, I find peace.  It’s my way to calm down after a stressful day, a way to unwind, a way to mediate and a way to contemplate life.  Do you find peace in your spinning too ?

Now on to finished bobbins … shortly after I posted my photo at the beginning of my post,  finished spinning my Cheviot from Quillen Fiber Arts.  I love how this fiber spun up and I can’t wait to ply it. The colors are so yummy and I am anxious to see how my finished yarn will look after it has been plied.  I have decided to ply using the center pull ball method.  I have used this before, but it’s been a while.  

If you’re interested in learning this method, here are links for tutorials that you might find helpful:
I have also finished plying my Oink Pigments Silky Fluff.  For this spinning project I went with chain plying and love how it looks.  I am hoping for decent yardage for a cowl or mitts.  

20 wraps over 2″ – worsted weight
I hope your Sunday is relaxing and peaceful for you too!
Until next time ~ happy spinning!

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