Sometimes It's About Crochet

I love knitting to pieces and it’s been the biggest part of my crafting life over the last 25 years.  It’s soothing when I need to be soothed, it’s peaceful when I need to find peace and it’s healing when my soul is wounded.   But sometimes I just need a little change of pace in my creative outlet and that’s where crochet comes in.

I started crocheting when I was about 11 years old (yikes that was 40 plus years ago!) and learned from my Mom, who was an avid crocheter (most throws and afghans).  I know that sometimes crochet gets a bad wrap as many think of granny square afghans (which I love) and the crochet our grandmothers made.  But crochet in its own right is gorgeous.. and sometimes I actually prefer crocheted lace over knitted lace, but that’s me.  

I have found several patterns that I love in crochet but my go to favorites have been:

  • Haiku by Rebecca Velasquez – a simple design that is so elegant. I have used this design in both handspun and commercial yarn.
  • Half Granny by Anastacia Zittel – I do have a love affair with granny squares and this design fits the bill.  Perfect for handspun and commercial yarn.  Here’s a link to my handspun project page on Ravelry.
  • Spring Petals by Ragamuffin – I love this one for lace weight and hand dyed fingering weight yarn.

The Crochet Project has been posting several designs on Instagram over the last few days and a couple of designs have sparked my interest.  Needless to say, I decided to start a second crochet project called Fronds, a design by Joanne Scarce, who is the second designer behind the Crochet Project.  This pattern is simple, textured and elegant, and the best part, it’s very easy to memorize!!!

Photo courtesy of © Kat Goldin

Feel as warm this winter as you would on a palm lined beach when you wrap up in this palm leaf inspired, super sized shawl. Using very simple stitches, pattern and construction this shawl grows very quickly in the DK weight yarn making it great for gifting too.  Our sample uses 230g of DK for a real hug of a shawl but you can get a smaller shawl from 150g upwards., just keep crocheting until the shawl is the size you want or the yarn runs out.

For this project I am substituing sport weight yarn for dk weight because I wanted to use my stash of Plymouth Yarn Reserve Sport in the color 304-Gray Mix.  I also found that a size F (3.75mm) hook was what I need in order for my crochet not to be too loose or sloppy, or possibly too tight.  I love the ability to work on something that is very easy to memorize and quite soothing to one’s hands.  The second best part of the design as it is 100% reversible!  

I think this will end up being a fun piece to wear and I look forward to finishing it soon. If you are a crocheter look for a simple, quick project, I would highly recommend Joanne’s design.

Until next time ~ be creative!

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