Ohh Owls …. Well Sort Of

This past weekend went way to fast but I managed to snag a little spinning time.  I started spinning a lovely Cheviot hand dyed by Quillin Fiber Arts in the color Owls (Black, Blue, White and Brown Ochre.

I stripped the roving into two pieces, and then stripped the two pieces into several thin pieces of roving that I gently drafted and made into little buns ready for spinning.

As many of you know,  and may have remembered reading in prior posts, I am participating in the #spin15aday challenge over on Instagram.  I am finding this to be so motivating and it is really helping me to spend time each day to spin.  My friend Lara (@spinninglara On Instagram) mentioned that she kept track of her spinning time in 2018 and ended up spinning over 300 hours.  If you’re on Instagram, check out her post here to see what she spun last year.  It’s amazing!!  She has inspired me to keep track of my time too, so I have started with this fiber and and photo below shows a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes of spinning.  

I am really loving the rustic look of this yarn and it’s spinning up beautifully! I can’t wait to finish and ply it.  I am aiming for light worsted and enough yardage for mitts.

Until next time ~ be creative!

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