Wednesday WIPs ….

So one WIP is officially finished!!!!  

I’am so excited to have finished my Oink Pigments fiber, which only took over a month to finish  but hey, it’s done ! My bobbin is now resting and I will be plying later this week.  

The fiber itself was a dream to spin and I am hoping it will end up being a DK weight so that I can mix it with other handspun for a scarf.  The colors are so soft and a lovely blend of pinks and golds, which for some reason still reminds me of a bouquet of old fashion roses.

I have decided to chain play, so fingers crossed that I achieve the weight and yardage I am hoping for. I should have this all finished by the weekend.

I am now concentrating on my Toe-Up waffle socks. I didn’t quite like the structure of the heel so I added 1” of slip stitches before starting the pattern.  I like how it fits and looks and now I’m happily working on the leg in the waffle stitch pattern.

This addition to my sock heel might see a bit odd to a few sock knitters, but it works for me and I like to make socks to fit me.  Sometimes I follow a pattern and sometimes I make things up as I go.  This sock is one of those that I’m making up as I go.  It fits perfectly and I really love the yarn I’m using and definitely will purchase it again.  This one should be off the needles soon and I will cast on the mate quickly so I don’t end up with SSS ( second sock syndrome ).

I have frogged a few projects as I have decided it was time to move on.  My crafting thoughts are changing a bit and I’m wanting to work on other things.  So I have decided that socks, and maybe shawls/scarves, will be about it for me in the knitting realm.  I still want to concentrate on my spinning and I now want to give weaving a try again, nothing big just small pieces.  I also have a love of hand stitching, quilting and art.  See what my problem is … sigh, I just love to many things!!!

Until next time ~ be creative!

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