2019 Goals … A bit of everything!

Setting goals can be rather daunting for me as I am a multi-crafter and love many things.  I enjoy learning new crafts, I love knitting, crocheting and stitching, but three things I love the most is spinning wool, drawing, and photography.  

For 2019 I want to…

Spin More – My wheels need to be used more and I definitely need to spin my stash down before buying more.  This coming year I have plans to spin for a shawls and maybe even a sweater.  I will #spin15aday every day to maintain my consistency.
  • I want to spin my stash down
  • Rotate my wheels so I use them more
  • Spin with intention
  • Join SALs (spin alongs)
  • Learn new spinning techniques

My wheels, knitted handspun pieces and wool to spin

Draw and Paint More – Before I ever knitted, crocheted, spun wool, etc., I loved to draw and paint.  I have somehow lost this and I miss it tremendously.  This coming year I have the desire to do more art.
  • Watercolor is a must this year
  • Drawing nature
  • More pen and ink
  • More mixing of art forms – entangle with nature, etc.

My art pieces for 2018

Get Outside More and Take Photos –  Arizona is such a gorgeous state with many different and unique landscapes.  From the desert to the high mountains, there are so many wonderful things I can capture with my camera.  My hubby and I plan to take more day trips so I can use my camera more.

All my photos – Back yard birds and Arizona Nature
Do you have goals set for the new year?

Until next time ~ be creative!

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