My Hand Knits of Years Past

This morning I was thinking of all the items that I’ve not only made out of my handspun , but all the things I’ve knitted over the last 20 plus years.  There’s been a lot of knitting going on in this house!!!

I’ve shared my handspun items but thought it would be fun to share a few of my other favorites I’ve managed to knit over the last few years.

Schooner designed by Lori Gayle

Chateau designed by Melissa Schaschwary

Arrowhead Socks designed by Renee Leverington

On Stranger Tides designed by Lara Smoot

Mother of Dragons designed by Lara Smoot

Monkey Socks  designed by Cookie A

My own creation – a Linen Scarf in Rowan Yarns

Cotton Shawl made out of Fiesta Yarn

Sentiment designed by Andrea Rangel

Do you have favorite knits that you’ve made?

Until next time ~ be creative!

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