Sunday Spinning

I’m really enjoying spinning my Oink Pigments BLF Tussah Silk blend in the color Searched in Vein.  This is a true dream to spin and I’m quite tickled that I’m maintaining my consistency that I was wanting.

I’m excited about the upcoming spin-along hosted by Spin Off Magazine that will  kick off January 1st.  This is a wonderful challenge to spin for a full Hap Shawl or a half Hap Shawl.  I believe this spin-along will mainly be on Instagram with the hashtag #SOHapalong to follow.  You can also join in on the fun on Ravelry in the Spin Off Group thread here.  I’m thinking this spin-along idea came about from the article written by Deborah Held ( @doodler01 on Instagram) for the Fall 2018 issue of Spin Off and the Half Hap design by Rebecca Blair.  The article covers the history and traits of the hap.  If you haven’t read Deborah’s article, it’s one that I think you really will find interesting.

© Interweave / George Boe

Rebecca Blair designed a Hap Shawl for Interweave Knits Holiday 2018 based on a garter-stitch bias-knitted square center and using commercial yarn. For this handspun version, Sara Greer used hand-prepared batts of fine Shetland wool from Whispering Pines in four natural colors. She converted the center square into a triangle, worked the bold three-color zigzagging border on the short sides, and added the pointed edging on all three sides. ~ Spin Off Magazine

There are several Hap Shawl patterns but I think my favorite is the collection by Sharon Miller, Heirloom Knitting’s Shetland Hap Shawls: Then & Now.  I have this book in my knitting library and not only is it full of patterns, but the history of the Shetland Hap.

Other favorites include:

I plan to join this spin-along and will be spinning for the Half Hap by Rebecca Blair as I have this issue and love the pattern.  I may use my already spun fiber that was destined for the Hap Cowl, or decided upon something else.  Whatever the case, this will truly be a fun challenge!!!

Something new ….   I did my very first “live” video on Instagram to share my room I spin in.  This room houses all my wheels (Ashford and Schacht), along with spinning fiber, collectibles, books and more.  That was fun and I think I might have to do it again!!!  

Until next time ~ be creative!

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