Handspun Goodness Made My Top 9 !

Just like the rest of the Instagramers out there I love to see what my top nine liked posts for the year has been.  This year is exciting as my spinning was in my top nine!!!

Top left to right:  
  • My spinning room house my Ashford Traditional, Ashford Kiwi 1 and Kiwi 2, Schacht Matchless, Schacht Side Kick, Schacht Lady Bug and Schacht Flatiron
  • My finished handspun in Hello Yarn in Hummingbird
  • Spinning my Hummingbird on my Kiwi 2.

Middle left to right:  
Bottom left to Right:

This has encouraged me to spin more in 2019 and to start using my handspun in projects. I plan to continue with the #spin15aday challenge on Instagram too.  Not only does this challenge help with consistency in my spinning but will help me to start using up my fiber stash.

Until next time ~ happy spinning!!!

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