Oh My Wheel ~ Buttery Soft Oink Pigments

After two months of spinning, I’m so happy to report that last week I finally finished up my scrumptious panda mix by October House in the color-way Apres.  I decided to chain ply (also known as Navajo Plying) my finished fiber instead of two plying, and I’m very happy to end up with 215 yards of a squishy soft worsted weight yarn.

My spinning was done on my Schacht Ladybug, which has been my go to wheel for most of my spinning projects lately.  I am quite happy with the result of my finished yarn and I tried something a bit new for skeining.  Instead of using a niddy noddy, I used my antique yarn swift to take my finished yarn off my wheel instead.  This was a wonderful tip given to me my a very dear friend and one I’m so happy I tried.

Courtesy of Erin Ruth
I think this yarn will make a wonderful hat, especially if cables were involved.  Hmmm… maybe Molly by Erin Ruth would be a great pattern for this yarn.

I have now started spinning a 75% Blue Faced Leicster 25% Tussash Silk blend by Oink Pigments in the colorway Searched in Vein.  The color is a soft raspberry mixed with a light cream/beige.  The fiber itself is very soft and easy to draft.  I’m spinning a bit thicker for a single ply yarn.  Hopefully I can maintain my consistency during this spin.

I am planning to do quite a bit of spinning over the next few months, so be prepared for sharing.

Until next time ~ be creative!

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