A New To Me Fiber Collection To Spin

My friend Beth of Old Cedar Knoll Alpacas sent me this beautiful collection of her very own Suri Alpaca from her very own farm for my #spin15aday challenge.  I’ve never spun Alpaca, and as Beth mentioned in her card, it will most likely be a learning curve as it’s part of the “exotics” category in fiber. 

I found a great article, and guide, from Spinning Daily called “Spinning Alpaca Ultimate Guide“, as well as a free guide to download (please note you have to provide and email address to obtain a link for the guide).  The guide is very informative and I’ve learned quite a lot, but still a bit intimidated in trying my hand as spinning this beautiful super soft fiber.

Alpaca fiber is among the finest fiber in the world. Soft and long and in a range of beautiful natural colors, alpaca can be a joy to spin if you know where to start and what makes it different from sheep’s wool.   ~ Amy, Interweave/Spinning Daily

I also came across these blog posts and articles too …

And I found these short videos that helped me understand a little bit more on how to feed the fiber into my wheel.

I’m thinking my Schacht Matchless would be the perfect wheel to use for this spinning challenge and I hope to get started soon!!!

Until next time ~ be creative!

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