Those Colors Are Calling Me

After taking a three year break from designing, I have been rejuvenated to ever so slightly dip back into the realm of self-publishing.  In March of this year I self-published Brenna, a quick knit cozy cowl, and Coppice , a two tone cabled brim slouchy hat. I enjoyed the process of creating both patterns but really didn’t think much about moving forward with more designs until our temperatures here in Phoenix have started to drop.  With the crisp chilly mornings of late, I’ve had the urge, and even a strong desire, to create and design accessory pieces.  

When I finished knitting my slippers using Lion Brand’s Hometown USA, I must say that I’ve fallen in love with this yarn.  I’m not sure if it’s the bulky weight of the yarn or the variety of colors I’ve found, but something has made me pick up my needles to create a hat design.  

I love, love, love the mix of gray and pink and Lion Brand’s Hometown USA in the color Salem Creek it the perfect combination of these two colors mixed together.  I wanted to find the perfect complement to Salem Creek and was so tickled to find a color called Springfield Silver. This heathery gray is perfection!

I’ve had a design theme collection idea in my head since the release of an album by Dan Tyminiski called Southern Gothic .  My idea is to create and design accessory pieces using colors in blacks, grays and pinks.  I’m truly hoping that my idea for my hat, and matching cowl, will be the start of collection centered around the term “southern gothic”.

Southern Gothic literature was inspired by early Gothic writing, a genre that was popular in 18th-century England. In Gothic literature, the authors wanted to expose the problems they saw in society. The authors wrote fiction, but included supernatural and romantic elements. They were often stories of hauntings, death, darkness and madness. Some of the more well-known examples of this genre are Frankenstein and Dracula.  ~ 

My design process is a “work as I go” format, writing down my pattern as I knit, ripping back, re-knitting and more.  Once my design is finished and the pattern is complete, I re-knit it to make sure all is good before publishing.  The new hat design I’m working on is being worked in the round and will offer a bit of texture.  I really can’t wait to see how this turns out!!!

For those of you who might follow me on Instagram, I’m taking a short social media break so that I can concentrate on designing over the holidays.  I will be back and I might sneak in a post here and there.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and for following me crazy knitting adventures!

Until next time ~ Happy Knitting and be creative!

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