Goodies in the mail !!!

I truly love knitting socks and I love finding fun new sock yarns to knit with.  So today, I’m so excited to share two new fingering weight yarns, both purchased from Corinne/Claire of The Woolly Thistle.  

British Wool direct from West Yorkshire Spinners! “Reared, Sheared and Spun in Britain”. This sock yarn consists of 75% Wool – 25% Nylon. The wool content contains 35% luxurious Bluefaced Leicester making this one of the most sumptuous 4 Ply (fingering weight) products on the market. Ideal for socks! ~ from the Woolly Thistle website 

First up is West Yorkshire Spinners Christmas yarn in the color Fairy Lights. I love the colors of this yarn and have been watching many sock knitter’s on Instagram posting their projects.  After seeing finished pairs of socks I decided that I had to have a skein of this yarn. Now I’m wondering if I should have purchased the matching solid yarn for the cuff, heel and toe!  I haven’t decided if I will do a plain vanilla sock or a patterned sock. Sometimes simple is always better.

There are fourteen different breeds of sheep in Portugal. Some of them are critically endangered after being progressively replaced by foreign, more productive breeds. Retrosaria Rosa Pomar produces and sells yarn made exclusively from Portuguese wool. They create manufactured yarn in collaboration with small manufacturers, breeders associations and shepherds, and they also commission small batches of artisan yarns like Bucos which is scoured, teased, carded and spun by hand in small villages around the country.  Minimally processed yarns: all Rosa Pomar yarns are non superwash, not bleached and have no silicone based softeners. Their woolen yarns may contain traces of vegetable matter. Animal friendly: their wool comes from free range sheep. Mulesing is not practiced in Portugal. ~ The Woolly Thistle website

Second is a new to me yarn called Mondim. This particular yarn caught my eye when looking at the fingering weight yarns on The Woolly Thistle’s website.  The colors are really unique and I had a hard time deciding which one to buy.  I decided upon color 207, a mix of browns, creams, pinks and greens.  I have looked at Instagram to see if anyone has used this yarn and only found a handful of posts but found quite a few on Ravelry.  It seems most of the socks were done in plain vanilla, but there were a few patterned designs used too.   I’m rather intrigued to see how this yarn will knit up and what it will look like when I’m done.

For this yarn I’m thinking of these patterns:
Before starting socks in these yarns though I must finish my Cozy Autumn Socks. I want to be able to wear these socks before the end of the month!!!

Until next time ~ be creative!

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