A Feeling of Distraction and A Half Finished WIP

The last few months my knitting (and even my spinning)  has been all over the place leaving me feeling a bit discouraged, disorganized and unproductive.  I’ve had that desire to cast on so many items but have taken step back from doing so because I’m not sure if things would ever be worn while living here in Phoenix.  Goofy reasoning I know, but that really is how I’ve been feeling of late.

I think the one main reason of my discouragement and distraction with my knitting is due to a bit of “stress” going on in my life,  which I will share has to do with the possibility of moving.  The possibility of moving itself is not the stressful part as it’s an exciting thought and it would mean I would finally be able to live in an area that is conducive to wearing my hand knits, spinning wool and more.  

The stressful part of the equation is a slight change of what I might end up knitting if we were to stay in Phoenix or what I might give up in my love of wool itself.  I know that might sound a bit silly to the average person out there, but hopefully those of you who are as passionate about wool, fiber, knitting, and spinning as I am will kind of understand my feelings.  I love wool and I want to live in a place where I can wear and work with what I love.  With that being said, I’m not only excited, but so hopeful that my husband and I have made the right decision, and that we will pursue our dream of returning back to the place we love the most, Kentucky.  

Do you ever have these kinds of issues ?  Sigh … It’s a challenge I’ve personally been dealing with for a quite a few years but I will not give up wearing wool!

Now on to the fun part of today’s post …   I am so happy to report that I have finally finished one sock and have casted on the mate!!!  

Courtesy of This Handmade Life 

I love the Cozy Autumn Socks pattern by Olivia of This Handmade Life.  The pattern is very well written but I have ended up making two slight modifications that can be found on my Ravelry project page.  I’m really looking forward to finishing the mate and have plans to have it finished by Thanksgiving weekend!!

Until next time ~ be creative, and thank you for listening today!


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