A New Cast On in the Works!

2005 Louisville Kentucky

It’s really hard for me not to cast on a new knitting project, especially with the end nearing on my KitSap Cardigan and the weather starting to cool off here in Phoenix.  

As mentioned in a few earlier posts, we have a very narrow window of time here in the Valley of the Sun to wear our much loved hand knits, especially those that are wool or wool blends, and I find that I want to wear my hand knits as much as possible, along with new things I’ve made.  

As the nights become cooler and the mornings crisp and chilly, I start to get the urge to cast on as much as possible so I can enjoy wearing things before the summer heat hits again. I have to be careful not to over due the cast on frenzy and try to keep it to a minimum of two sweater projects, with an accessory or sock project thrown in for good measure.   I have narrowed my thought of a new project down to two patterns that I absolutely love, Aidez ….

Courtesy of © Cirilia Rose

I plan to use my stash of Cascade Ecological Wool in Silver, which will show of the cable design quite nicely and since it’s a neutral color it will go with just about anything.

and Cusp ….

Courtesy of © Brooklyn Tweed

I plan to use my newly acquired stash of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Hayloft.  I love the fall look of this color and think it will be a fun piece to wear.

I am very excited about both of these projects and hopefully I can decide which one I want to cast on first.  I know that I won’t be good and will most likely cast on another project or two along the way but at least I have some sort of a plan in mind.

Until next time ~ be creative!

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