Fun Halloween Stitching Projects

My creative life not only includes spinning, knitting and drawing, but a bit of stitching and sewing.  I’m not really great at the sewing part, but I like to have fun with it.  Yesterday I realized I haven’t finished to projects, one that requires sewing and one that requires stitching.

Last year I completed a fun Halloween embroidery piece designed by a favorite artist of mine, Kathy Schmitz.  This pattern is called Mr. Boo and is part of her Sweet Stitches Collection (now on sale).  I love how it turned out and all that needs to be done is to sew the pieces together and add a little bit of quilting to it.

I want to incorporate a second pattern of her’s called Boo, which is a sweet little fabric banner that really doesn’t require too much completion.  This will be a fun and quick stitching piece and will go nicely with Mr. Boo (above).
Courtesy of Kathy Schmitz Designs

While I’m at it, I need to also make Boo To You.  This is so cute and so simple, and I even have the fabric and thread for it.  Now to find the time!

Courtesy of Kathy Schmitz

If you enjoy fun embroidery projects and you’re not familiar with Kathy Schmitz, check out her website.  I truly love how she incorporates embroidery with quilting.

Until next time ~ be creative!

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