Why I Knit With Handspun

A few months ago I purchased Jillian Moreno’s book Yarnitecture but really hadn’t started reading it until a few days ago.  I have to say I love her book and I’m finding so many wonderful ideas and tips.

Jillian said something in the first chapter of her book that really hit home with me ….

I’ve thought long and hard about why I love knitting with handspun, and I came up with five reasons: choice, control, craft, creativity, and connection” ~ Jillian Moreno, Yarnitecture.

I feel much the same way about knitting with handspun but as mentioned in an earlier post, it’s also that feeling of “wow, I created this yarn” type of feeling.  For me knitting with my own handspun is a tactile feeling. The movement of the fiber in my hands as I knit is satisfying and it’s that knowing that I created this one of a kind unique yarn and that there is no other yarn out there like mine.  It’s not perfect, it’s often nubby or uneven, but handspun is like that.  

I have two baskets of handspun that I love but really haven’t done anything with the finished skeins and I need too.  The basket on the left holds larger completed skeins that I plan to incorporate into sweaters, scarves, etc. and the basket on the right holds completed skeins for my intentional spinning and my breed studies.

I also have three prized skeins of handspun yarn that I’m very proud of as it’s the most yardage I’ve ever achieved in my spinning.  One is the Hummingbird  colorway from Hello Yarn, 415 yards of two-ply fingering weight yarn that will be turned into a shawl or scarf.  I love the colors!!!   
My second skein is the colorway Zarzamora by Malabrigo (Nube).  This fiber was very challenging to spin as it was extremely compact.  But the end result was 404 yards of two-ply fingering weight perfect for a small shawlette or even a cowl.  
Debbie,( a.k.a. Doodler01 on Instagram) challenged spinners to spin for socks.  I’ve never spun for socks but I decided to try it and oh my, I loved this challenge.  I learned how to properly chain ply (Navajo Ply) and spin with Targhee.  The end result was two skeins of handspun in the colorway Shadows Parted by Hello Yarn for a total of 353 yards.

While all three of my skeins are not perfect by any means I’m thrilled with each one.  The most satisfying part of creating my own handspun is the pure joy of seeing the finished skein turn into it’s own beautiful mix of colors and to see how it knits up.  The handspun sock yarn will be super cozy, the handspun Zarzamora, while slightly nubby, will make a great scarf or cowl and the handspun Hummingbird echos the colors of the Southwest and will look great knitted up in a textured pattern.

The bottom line, I knit with handspun for many reasons but the main reason is “I created this yarn myself”.

Do you knit with handspun ?  If so, why do you enjoy knitting with it ?

Until next time ~ be creative!

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