Oh My Wheel ~ A Gorgeous Panda Mix

This past weekend I couldn’t resist prepping my squishy soft treasured stash of October House Fiber Arts panda mix in the color Apres.  The colors are so scrumptious with a mix of copper, cream, purple and blue.  I am not sure if Robin (owner of October House) is still dying fiber or not, but I hope she does again in the future as the colors and quality of this particular braid is amazing.

For this particular spin, I divided the long braid of fiber into for equal strips.  Each strip then was divided into six equal parts and lightly drafted.  I ended up with 24 little fiber buns ready to spin.

I started spinning my little buns on Sunday and I’m really loving how it is spinning up and how the colors are blending together.

I have no idea what my finished handspun will be turned into but I’m thinking it would make a lovely scarf or cowl.  I am truly enjoying the process of this particular spin and finding it to be quite mediative and soothing.

Until next time ~ be creative!

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