Knitting With Handspun

Like so many other spinners out there, I have loads of handspun in my stash.  For some reason I don’t always knit with it though and I have yet to figure out my reluctance.  So I decided it was time to start using up my handspun stash, even if it means mixing it with other yarns for project.  The perfect example of doing just that is the King of Confidence Cardigan by Weaverknits, which uses commercial yarn and handspun.

Earlier this week I cased on My Favorite Scarf Ever by Lisa Bruce using two skeins of worsted weight handspun (that I’ve had in my stash for almost four years) and a US size 5 . I lost my original tag, but the colorway name is Stone Quarry and it is a squishy soft BFL that I experimented with fractal spinning when taking a Craftsy Class by Felicia Lo and reading about it from a post by Alexandra Tinsley on Knittyspin.  I love how fractal spinning turns out but wasn’t quite sure how this particular handspun would look.
The photo above does not do the colors any justice as it was taken indoors but I have knitted enough of my scarf to share what it looks like.  I’m so thrilled with the stripping too, this means my fractal spinning experiment worked.  The colors are soft creams, browns and a slight purple brown.  So far it’s knitting up beautifully and I can’t wait to see it all finished!
I have actually knitted quite a few things with my handspun over the last few years and these projects can be found on my Finished Handspun Projects page here on my blog.  There’s something extra special about knitting with your own handspun.  It’s that feeling of “wow, I created this yarn” type of feeling.   I think I need to start spinning more and using my handspun more. 

There is nothing like knitting with handspun yarn, no more unique yarn to knit with than handspun. It feels livelier than millspun yarn, behaves differently. ~ Jillian Moreno, Knitting With Handspun: Knittyspin 2011 

Do you use your handspun for knitting, crocheting or weaving projects ?

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