Friday FO …. Spooky Handspun

I really had fun learning out to create rolags for the #spookyspin15 / #witchstockings15 spin along on Instagram.

It all started with Halloween inspired colors curated by Sherrill of the 1764 Shepherdess to entice spinners to create their unique one of a kind “spooky” handspun colorway. Some spinners created striped handspun for socks, some have created beautiful batts and others rolags.  I have been amazed at the colors that are spinning up, what a wonderful and inspiring adventure!

If you are curious to see gorgeous creations, check out these hashtags on Instagram #spookyspin15 and #witchstockings15 .  You can also check out the thread in the #spin15aday Ravelry group here to see inspiration not shared on Instagram.

I ended up with 125 yards of worsted chain plied handspun, which should be just enough for the Noro One Skein Hat pattern by Fiory Loughead.

It’s amazing that this….

Ended up as this …. due to missing photos this is a fill in showing the colors in the hat I made.

100% Corridale Wool Dyed in Green, Purple, Orange and Black.
While I didn’t quite achieve the yardage I had hoped for, I still love how my handspun turned out and can’t wait to cast on my hat!!!

Until next time ~ be creative!

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