Wednesday WIPs … Much the same!

My Handspun Caldonia Shawl
“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” 

― L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

First I am admitting I have too many projects on my needles right now but what’s a knitter to do when there are so many wonderful yarns and patterns to be knitted ???  When the temperatures start to cool down here in Phoenix I want to knit as much as I can so I am able to wear my “wooly” goodness before the summer heat kicks back in.  So I tend to go a little cast on crazy from October until February/March.

This fall I’m really trying to use stash yarn for my projects and so far that has been working.  

This week on my needles …

Night’s Watch in Squishy – color is called Dark Matter.  I’m loving both the pattern and the yarn.  The yarn is truly “squishy” and the colors are perfect for October and Halloween.  Lara’s pattern ( Night’s Watch ) is wonderful and so super easy to follow.  For knitters wanting to branch out into lace and shawl knitting, this pattern is perfect to start with as it’s not complicated.  I’m finding this project to be quite soothing to my soul.

Cozy Autumn Socks in Alpa B Yarn BFF B – color is called Pendleton Round Up.  I casted on my Autumn Socks last Friday with US size 1 DPNs but found the pattern repeat was not conducive to DPNs.  So after one full chart round, I switched to two 16″ circular needles.  This was a better choice and one I should have started with at the beginning.  I have made one modification, I have casted on 64 stitches in place of 60 stitches, which means I have one extra purl stitch at the beginning and ending of the lace repeat.  Olivia’s Autumn Socks pattern is very well written and super easy to follow.  

Still on my needles ….

I’m trying hard to restrain myself from casting on Cusp  but I want to finish my Irish Coffee before tackling another sweater or similar project.  I love Mirkwood, I’m just not quite sure the Jacob is the right yarn for the design.  I will continue knitting it up and see how it progresses before making a complete decision to continue or frog and use a different yarn.

For some reason October seems to say “sweater weather” to most of us, so out of curiosity, do you cast on a lot sweater projects when the weather starts to cool off ?

Until next time ~ be creative!

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