Oh Spooky … Part 3 and Other Fibery Goodness

In earlier posts I shared my #spookyspin15 progress and I’m excited to say that the spinning is finished and the plying is next!

Recap photo with finished yarn

Original colors

The one thing I have learned about blending yarn is that it tones down colors and rather mutes them.  I really like how the original colors now look tweedy.  Since I had so much fun creating my own #spookyspin15 blend, I have started blending my autumn colors and finding this to be a bit more challenging because I’m not quite sure how I want to blend the fibers.  

These three rolags (shown below) are the first I’ve blended.  I started by striping the colors (brown, dijon, juniper, tangerine, parchment and gold) on my blending board, which should come out slightly striped when I start spinning.
I really must say I like how these rolags turned out and think I will repeat the process. I’m still learning how to properly use my blending board and have been referring to various youTube videos for help.  

One “how-to” video I really have found useful is by Ashford Wheel and Looms.  I’ve been using my board on a table but I like how Kate uses the blending board on her lap, which I plan to try for a bit more control when using my flicker.

Until next time ~ be creative!

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