Sharing Fibery Goodness Today

Today has been a very exciting “makers” kind of day for me.  I am ready for fall, and the colors of fall.   I have been searching for just the right blend of hand-dyed fiber in fall colors but haven’t been able to find exactly what I want.  So what does a spinner do ?  Well this spinner has decided to create her own blend using an Ashford Blending Board and a mix of Ashland Bay Merino Wool that was purchased at Tempe Yarn today. 

Just look at these colors !!!

Left to Right on the bottom:  Dijon, Parchment, Brown and Tangerine
Left to Right on the top:  Juniper and Gold

I am so excited and stoked to make my own fall color blend that I can hardly wait to start.

I also decided to see if I had anything in my fiber stash that had a slight “fall color” to it and decided that my Octoberhouse Fiber Arts panda blend in Apres was close.  The colors are a soft mix of blues, purples and rusty pumpkin (hope that makes sense).  I love this braid very much and it’s been part of my stash for a very long time.  

Now on a fun side note ….my friend Sherrill (The 1764 Shepherdess) is planning next year’s breed study and I’m super excited as it will be around “breed conservation”.  

Here is the proposed list of breeds that we will get to try next year:

January 2019:      Dorset Horn – threatened
February 2019:    Teeswater – watch
March 2019:         Lincoln – threatened
April 2019:           Manx Loaghtan – at risk
May 2019:            Southdown – recovering
June 2019:           Shetland – recovering

Be sure to check out her post today and sign up for her newsletter so you will know when the breed study opens up.  Sherrills love of fiber truly comes through in her blog posts, instagram feed and those fibery people she surrounds herself with.  I’ve known her for ten years and she still inspires me every day to love wool, spin and create with wool.  Her passion for the fiberarts is truly remarkable and her encouragement to all of us to spin is beyond words.  To sum up Sherrill … inspirational and motivational!

Speaking of a breed study … I also forgot to post that I finished spinning my Blue Faced Leicester (BFL), which was the August Breed Study.  I ended up with 28 yards of chain ply in a light worsted weight.  I love spinning BFL, but this particular fiber was a pleasure to spin as it was soft as butter.

I’m ending up the fall breed study with Wensleydale, which is classified as a conversation breed in the Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook.  The feel of this fiber is extremely soft and is known to give drape and clear stitch definition in knitted and crocheted items.  This wool is also good for weaving.

**Excerpt From: Carol Ekarius & Deborah Robson. “The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook**

FLEECE WEIGHT  7–20 pounds (3.2–9 kg), often 10–15 pounds (4.5–6.8 kg)
STAPLE LENGTH 7–12 inches (18–30.5 cm)
FIBER DIAMETERS 30–36 microns (spinning counts 44s–50s)
LOCK CHARACTERISTICS Very long, wavy, distinctive, curling locks with brilliant luster and a  
   smooth, supple surface.
NATURAL COLORS White, gray, black.

The Wensleydale is a breed of domestic sheep that originated in the Wensleydale region of North Yorkshire, England Possessing a blue–grey face, the breed was developed in the 19th century by crossing English Leicester and Teeswater sheep.

I am prepping my 1 oz of Wensleydale today and hope to start spinning it tomorrow. To the touch this fiber is very soft.   

What are you spinning today?

Until next time  ~ be creative!

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