Ohhh… Spooky!! ~ Part 1

Sherrill, over at the 1764 Shepherdess, decided to have a bit of “spooky” fun for October and created this adorable kit. 

Inside the kit is 4 oz of fiber in the color Witch Stockings, a blend of orange, green, black and purple, a fun Halloween themed knitting bag, a spooky pin, a spooky charm and a spindle.  This spinning event is on Instagram and can be followed with the hashtags of #witchstockings15 and #witchstockings15

I love the colors in the fiber and think I might blend the colors together like my friend Lara ( @spinninglara on Instagram).  The colors really pop when blended so I think I might get out my blending board and do the same.

You can see her blended fiber on her Instagram page here.

Here’s a close up of the fiber ….

I have decided to blend these colors together and create rolags.  I used my Ashford blending board and while I’m still learning how to blend fibers, I can honestly say had loads of fun doing this.
Just look as these little rolag buns!
So all the fiber has been blended into rolags and I’m ready to spin!
Until next time ~ Be Creative!

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