Seeing Stars

I often find myself searching for fun projects to use up left over yarn and came across a new pattern by Hunter Hammersen (a favorite designer of mine) called Scintillation.  

First of all, this pattern is simply adorable and yes, I had to buy it.  Second of all, it’s so perfect for using up leftover bits of yarn.  Like many knitters out there I always end up with several yards of fingering weight yarn after making socks, or a few yards of DK and worsted weight after sweater, hats and shawl projects.  I simply cannot bare to part with these bits of leftovers but really don’t know what I might want to do with them. Hunter’s pattern is perfect for this dilemma and I can’t wait to cast on a “star”.

Courtesy of Hunter Hammersen

Scintilation noun
– a flash or sparkle of light

You know those bits of gorgeous yarn left over from your favorite projects? The ones you just can’t bear to throw away? Well why not turn them into a pile of adorable little stars!
There are no seams to work when you’re done, no stitches to pick up, and only two ends to weave in! Each one takes only a few yards of yarn (these took between 10 & 30 yards each) and about two hours to knit. That’s about as close to instant gratification as knitting gets!
As for what you’ll do with them? Well that’s limited only by your imagination!

If you’re interested in joining other knitters in making these delightful stars, Hunter has started a KAL (knit along) in her Pantsville Press Ravelry Group  and per Hunter’s post in this KAL, “If you want to post about it on instagram, you can use the tag #scintillationkal to help everyone find your pictures!” 

I’m off to see what bits of yarn I might have left over in my “can’t get rid of these pieces” stash.  I know that I have a few solid color sock yarns and maybe a couple of varigated colors too that might work.  If all else fails, I’ll dip into my stash of Jamison’s Shetland or my Elemental Effects Shetland .

Until next time ~ be creative!

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