The Hints of Fall

Are you starting to feel the subtle hints of fall in the air ?  I am noticing tiny hints that fall is around the corner. The morning air is a bit cooler, the skies are getting much bluer and the days are quite as warm, well at least here in Phoenix.

When you’re a wool lover like me living in a very hot dry desert it’s often hard to imagine “fall”.  My Instagram feed is packed full of beautiful fall inspired photos and I know that soon I will be seeing so much more.  But that’s ok,  it’s inspiring and makes me want to knit beautiful sweaters, shawls, hats and socks.

This past weekend my husband took me to my favorite shop, Jessica Knits, over in Scottsdale.  I had no real intention of buying yarn, but needless to say I walked out of Tammy’s shop with a sweaters worth of Swans Island and two skeins of scrumptious Elemental Affects Civility Yarn.

Elemental Affects Civility – Sport weight is homegrown, hand-dyed and spun here in the US.  I love this yarn and used the fingering weight in the color City Shadow for a test knit a few years ago for Brandy Velten’s Ysabel.  This yarn really knits up nicely and holds it’s shape.
I couldn’t resist buy City Shadow in sport weight, along with a truly fall color called Clove.  I haven’t quite decided yet if I want to knit a shawl in a single color, or use both of these colors together.

Here’s a few thoughts on what shawls I’m considering….

I think I’ve been missing shawl knitting lately, so hopefully I can decide on a pattern so I can cast on soon!

The Swans Island I purchased it a warm raspberry in the color Fig.  For some reason it rather reminds me of the colors I picked up in a photo of mine that I had fun with, along with a poem.  I have 1,500 yards of this yarn and I’m having trouble deciding what pattern I should use for it.

Here’s a few of the patterns I’m thinking I might use ….

And to end my post, here’s a poem I wrote a couple of years ago.  It’s exactly how I feel about fall weather.

Until next time ~ be creative!

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