Wednesday WIPs: A Sweater, A Sock and A Drawing

The last few mornings have been so wonderfully cool that I’ve enjoyed my coffee and knitting out on our patio.  The cool air is is teasing us with hopes that fall weather is just around the corner.  

I haven’t made too much progress on my top down raglan but I can say I’m nearing the end and will be starting the ribbed band this coming weekend.  My Arrowhead Socks and Mirkwood Scarf haven’t gotten too much love as I’ve been focused on my sweater.  Once my sweater is done then I can focus on getting my socks and scarf completed.

I am so excited to have finished my Zentangle Inspired art piece – Kentucky.  This drawing took me almost 20 days to finish and I love how it turned out.  This finished piece was created on a piece of 18″ x 24″ Strathmore Mixed Media paper , a LePen Techinical Drawing Pen .1  and a 3b pencil for shading.  
Now that this is finished, I have started the state of Arizona.  For this project I’m using Strathmore Mixed Media Paper size 11″ x 14″ , a Pigma Micron Pen .01 and a 3B pencil for shading.  I’m deciding on what Zentangle and Doodle pieces to use for this drawing, maybe something a little more southwestern.
I will share that I’m trying really hard not to start any more projects until the ones listed above are completed but knowing me that’s not going to happy.  As the weather starts to get cooler here in Phoenix, I will have the urge to cast on more projects and spin more wool.

Until next time ~ be creative!

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