An Anatomy of a Knitter …. Does This Look Like You ?

Every time I see this illustration by Missy Martin pop up, I smile and nod my head with that “yep, that’s me” kind of knowing nod.  But what else does this illustration say about us as knitters.  Does it tell a tale of how unique, creative and adventurous souls we knitters are or does it show that as we knit our minds are going in every direction (new stash possibilities, new designs, new projects) ? 

Like the young woman portrayed in this illustration, I often find myself thinking about many things when knitting.  Sometimes I’m solving problems, working out personal life matters and then other times I’m drifting off thinking about all the other new projects I would love to knit and find myself matching yarn in my stash to patterns.   

And socks!!! Yes, what this illustration says about hand knitted socks is so very true, a private luxury I love to indulge in often.  I love knitting socks  and wearing them.  They are pure comfort and knowing that they are something I made makes me quite happy and content.  Over the years I have knitted my socks on two circulars but recently have  returned to DPNs and I have to admit that I rather have missed using them.  Using DPNs is traditional and I do like tradition.

Then comes the pure excitement of a new project and with giddiness of delight I find myself  laying my  knitting down to create a Ravelry project page just in case I decide to move forward with my thought.  I try to my a monogamous knitter, but at times I find this very hard to do as the pure joy of the possibility of a new project overwhelms me so much that I must cast on.

A monogamous knitter works on just one project at a time and finishes it before they cast on the next. A polygamous knitter has numerous projects on the go, darting from this one to that, usually simultaneously gathering numerous lovely project bags in which to store all their WIP’s (works in progress).  ~ Truly Myrtle

Do you relate to Missy’s illustration ?  How do you view yourself as a knitter ?

Until next time ~ be creative!

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