Exciting New Yarns for Socks !

For the very first time I’m trying Blacker Yarns Mohair Blends for a pair of socks. This yarn is super soft and has really great reviews from sock knitters.  I chosen a gorgeous color for socks called Barripper and have casted on Mona Schmidt’s design Embossed Leaves.

Colorway:  Barripper
So far I’ve completed two full repeats of the lace design and need to complete 1 more repeat before starting the heel. So far I’m really love the texture and feel of this yarn, and it shows off the stitch definition quite nicely.  The only tiny negative, it sheds a bit but I can live with that.

From the Ravelry Page:  Adding mohair to a yarn enhances the effect of dyes, while increasing both durability and softness. Mohair is often referred to as nature’s nylon, so this yarn is particularly well suited to making socks, from comfy everyday to wonderfully hardy hiking socks.
We have chosen to use either Hebridean or Manx Loagthan fleeces for our blends to make the most of the contrast with the silky white mohair. The hardy Hebridean sheep have very dark brown, almost black, fleeces that gradually grey with age, so this yarnis bitter chocolate in colour with occasional silvery hints. The Manx Loagthan is a particularly striking sheep, some having up to six horns. Their fleeces are mid to dark brown but bleach to cream at the tips in the sun, so the colour for this blend can range from a full brown to a softer, deeper and more varied shade.
Both these two natural blends take dye less vividly than the Mohair, lending our finished Mohair Blend yarns a rich depth and lustre.
We’ve named the shades of our Mohair Blend yarns after some of our favourite hiking locations in Cornwall.

I ordered two more colors in the Mohair Blends in the colors Blisland and Treenarren (shown on the bottom row of the photo below),  and three skeins of  WYS Signature 4 ply Spice Rack in the colors Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Poppy.  I’ve not used West Yorkshire Spinners sock yarn and look forward to casting on socks with texture, lace and cables.  Now to find just the right patterns!!!

I also wanted to share my sock drawer, which currently houses 44 pairs of hand knit socks that I’ve made over the last five years.  For these socks I’ve used Indy dyed yarns, Opal, Patons Kroy, Cascade Heritage and Serenity Sock.  I love each pair and wear them all as often as I can, even through the very hot summer days of Phoenix.  

So, with the current sock tip and the lovely new yarns shown above, I will be adding an additional six pairs to this drawer.  Maybe it’s time to start a secondary sock drawer.

Until next time ~ stay creative!

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